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"What People Say About Us"


**"We are all in LOVE with our new baby.  The kids are thrilled because we got a “puppy”  and that he will always stay small. Everything is perfect with him. We believe that we got exactly the dog that was meant for us.  He fits in with our family perfectly and we already can’t imagine life with out him.  Thank you for taking such great care of him :-)"



**Hi Bonnie,
Sarge is doing great and is the apple of our eye.   He weighed in just under 10lbs at the Vet last Monday, we go back in 2 1/2 weeks for his next set of shots.  He decided to go swimming with us and afterwards we wrapped him up and he fell asleep, I attached a picture for you.


I'm not one for writing references, although I am quick to talk about things in my life that make a difference.  Max, although a mama's boy all the way, has been a most magnificent pet we have ever owned.  Deemed as the most handsome dog in town, most who have never seen a standard schnauzer agree that from the smallest to the largest, the standard has all the breed has to offer.  He can mingle carefully with the toys and play with the giants.   We have taken him to "doggie daycare" and he is the hit of the bunch.  He can help introduce a new pet into the pack and knows how to stay on the good side of the bullies.

 And yes, he is the best lap dog we have ever owned.  He is always there next to us when we need love and if you don't offer it, he insists by pawing for more.  We walk around several lakes and while all the electric fence bound noise makers spew out their frustration that they are not walking about like Max, he never barks back.  Almost as if to say, if you had my disposition you wouldn't be where you are.  We love him and thank you so much for taking such care to breed such a wonderful animal!  And yes, he has that dark stripe down the center of his back and loves to wear his sweater in the winter.